Parish Road Safety Project – Grant Received, 20mph Zone Approved!

Some great news and real action towards one issue that the parish highlighted as of critical importance in the recent survey – improving road safety and cutting speeding.

Firstly – Trudoxhill has been the successful recipient of a £5000 grant from the Avon & Somerset Police Community Trust to go towards the purchase, installation and maintenance of a Speed Indication Device (SID). You’ve certainly seen one of these in action – the signs that show motorists their speed and tell them to slow down. It will also collect speed information which will bolster the data our Community Speedwatch already collects, to keep road safety in Trudoxhill a priority with the police.
We will need volunteers to help install and move the device – please get in touch if you can spare even just one hour a month!

Secondly – Somerset Highways have now published the proposed 20mph zone in our parish. You can see details on the map below of the routes covered. This will help to combat speeding through the village and will go hand in hand with the SID to improve the safety of our roads.

One thought on “Parish Road Safety Project – Grant Received, 20mph Zone Approved!

  1. Nice to see the 20mph limit going in. It’s a shame that the 30mph limit hasn’t been extended further out on the Witham side of the village. I’ve reported in previous surveys that I’ve had several near misses taking the turning to Witham (just up from Lawns Farm) because the view of oncoming traffic is very poor and that oncoming traffic could be doing 60mph.
    Extending the 30mph limit to around Lawns Farm would make that junction safer.

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