Trudoxhill Village Hall

Trudoxhill Village Hall

Trudoxhill Village Hall

The Village Hall was built by the villagers in 1971 and is managed and maintained by the Village Hall Committee.

The committee organises a variety of fund raising events in which parishioners are encouraged to be involved.

If you would like to book the Village Hall for your own event, party, or family occasion, CLICK HERE and choose a day yourself.


Over a period of many years, attempts had been made to raise sufficient funds to build a village hall.  An attempt dating back to 1935 was interrupted by the war and funds diverted into supporting the war effort.

In 1952/53 a new committee was formed with the objective of building a Village Hall and an application was made to Frome United Breweries for a piece of land adjoining the White Hart on which to build.  Although approval was given and planning permission obtained, a dispute over the choice of stone or wood for the construction resulted in the planning permission lapsing and the project was temporarily discontinued.

In 1971 Mr Macfarlane, who then lived at Millards Hill, reported that huts from the military base at Blandford were being sold by auction and a suitable hut for use as a village hall might be available.  So, lot 72 – a former dentistry, was purchased by Mrs Cherry Ionides and Mrs Brenda Brooks for £45.

The hut had to be moved from the site within four weeks and approximately 14 volunteers spent their weekends at Blandford dismantling the hut ready for removal to Truoxhill.  Each section was marked up to identify its position in the hut and was then stacked in the area which now forms the Village Hall car park.

The task of rebuilding the hut began in June 1972.  This work fell to the band of volunteers who worked tirelessly for several months until the hut was erected.  Added to the hut was a small extension to house the entrance hall and the toilets.

Throughout the period of erecting the hall the labour used was all volunteered from local residents so that the only payments required to be made were for the digging of the footings and the building of the extension.

Even before the work was totally complete, the hall was used for an Easter Bonnet Parade on 15th April 1974.  The hall was officially opened at the Harvest Supper in September 1974 for 150 people.

Since its erection the Village Hall has provided a base for many local organisations and village functions and is available for hire.

The facilities available at the Village Hall and its excellent state of repair and decoration are due entirely to the volunteers who have served on the Village Hall Committee since its inception.  Although the committee members change over the years, their dedication to the maintenance of the Village Hall as a social centre for the village remains unchanged.