Parish Plan

Parish Plan

Welcome to the Trudoxhill 2023 Community Review

The Parish Council and volunteer members of the Parish have put this survey together with the aim of getting to know you and the community’s priorities better. We want to understand who lives here now and what you care about.
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The survey results will influence the Parish Plan, something that happens every 8 – 10 years or so and shapes the vision for the future.

As a Parish Council there is a limit to what we can influence but by understanding the needs of the community we can concentrate our efforts on the things that matter. The reviewed Parish Plan will put us in a stronger position to work with the new Somerset Council. It will strengthen our position when we seek funding for community projects as it arms us with answers.

The 2015 Plan for Trudoxhill was based on a 2014 survey. Ways were found of bringing some of the ideas to fruition. As a result this is what we have done:

1. The children’s playground behind the Village Hall was developed;
2. The Village Hall was improved with a new bar and cinema screening facilities under a new committee;
3. Community Speedwatch has evolved to reduce speeding in the Village;
4. Litter picking mornings have been organised;
5. A bi-annual Parish Walk started;
6. ‘Your View’ was improved;
7. Improved Voneus broadband has enabled more businesses to operate and fast Broadband has been promised.

But, 2014 was a long time ago and we need your comments now to help us plan for the next 10 years.

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